Vincents Art Workshop Vincents Art Workshop

Intro to Vincents Online

Throwing a Cup

Contour Line Drawing

Hibernation Bear

Modelling an Animal

Exploring Line Quality

Using Baking paper to draw on

Throwing a Teapot

Introduction to Kirigami

Detailed instructions and PDF templates for the designs can be found here:

Making a Rainstick

Throwing 'Off the Hump'

Make a Funny Face Mask

Kirigami too

Draw Your View (with a twist)

Casting Sellotape Sculpture

Make your own Profile Pic

Drawing on your window

Crocheting for Beginners

Mini Wood Carving

Leaf Rubbing with Watercolour Pencils

Optical Illusion Art

Making a Portfolio

Modular Origami, Folding a Sonobe Unit

Assembling 12 Sonobe Units

Assembling 30 Sonobe Units

Paper Mache Sculpture

Weighing in on Scale

Figure proportion for cartooning

Drawing an Object using Wireframe Technique

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