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Vincents Art Workshop Vincents Art Workshop

Intro to Vincents Online

Throwing a Cup

Contour Line Drawing

Hibernation Bear

Modelling an Animal

Exploring Line Quality

Using Baking paper to draw on

Throwing a Teapot

Introduction to Kirigami

Detailed instructions and PDF templates for the designs can be found here:

Making a Rainstick

Throwing 'Off the Hump'

Make a Funny Face Mask

Kirigami too

Draw Your View (with a twist)

Casting Sellotape Sculpture

Make your own Profile Pic

Drawing on your window

Crocheting for Beginners

Mini Wood Carving

Leaf Rubbing with Watercolour Pencils

Optical Illusion Art

Making a Portfolio

Modular Origami, Folding a Sonobe Unit

Assembling 12 Sonobe Units

Assembling 30 Sonobe Units

Paper Mache Sculpture

Weighing in on Scale

Figure proportion for cartooning

Drawing an Object using Wireframe Technique

Classic Zines and Accordion Folded Books

Woodcut Printing - Make your own Bookplate

3D Collage

Make a Slab Teapot using a Card Model

Miniature Earthworks

Layering with Acrylics


Flipbook Animation

Anatomy of a Sewing Machine

Oil Pastel Abstract Collage

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