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Vincents Art Workshop Vincents Art Workshop


A tutored workshop is offered every Tuesday between 10.30am and 1.30 pm. There is no charge (koha always very welcome!) but you will need to book in to be sure of a place. These workshops may change for reasons beyond our control. Please confirm with Vincents the week before the due date or let us know if you will not be able to attend. 


14 June 

Crazy Pages


with Daisey Bingham  


Handmade books and zines with pop-out pages.

21 June 

Origami Butterflies     


with Anna Gibson  


Make easy origami butterflies into a mobile or a wall decoration.

28 June 

‘Painting’ with Wool


with Nina Rivers  


Using coloured yarn to create pictures on a flat surface.

5 July  

Silhouette / Shadow Artworks


with Dani Henke 


Trace cast shadows and cut them out to create a layered collage.

12 July   

Mini Clay Houses


with Nina Rivers  


Using slab building technique to make a miniature house in your chosen style.

19 July  

Matchbox Art


with Anna Gibson  


Create mini artworks with matchboxes.

26 July   

Robin White: Te Whanaketanga ‘Something is Happening Here’


with Daisey Bingham  


Visit to Te Papa to see the Robin White exhibition.

2 August  

‘Something is Happening at Vincents’ Robin White inspired Workshop


with Daisey Bingham  


Explore making artworks inspired by the works of Robin White.

9 August

Succulent Plant Pots in Clay


with Dani Henke 


Use pinch pot and slab techniques and your imagination to create cactus/succulent planters





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11am - 4pm Women's Day (open to all people who identify as women)


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