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Vincents Art Workshop Vincents Art Workshop


A tutored workshop is offered every Tuesday between 10.30am and 1.30 pm. There is no charge (koha always very welcome!) but you will need to book in to be sure of a place. These workshops may change for reasons beyond our control. Please confirm with Vincents the week before the due date or let us know if you will not be able to attend. 


16 Aug 

Painted Stones


with Nina Rivers  


Combine natural stones with paint to make your own miniature handheld artwork.

23 Aug 

Make your own Printmaking Stamps


with Anna Gibson  


Carve stamps from erasers and create a range of prints.

30 Aug 

Shaping up to be a Bird


with Daisey Bingham  


Explore shape as an element of art and design through bird collage.

6 Sept 

Coil-built Vessels


with Dani Henke


Build a vessel using clay coils and discuss some construction tips and tricks.

13 Sept 

Semester Break (no class)



20 Sept

Hand built Cups and Saucers


with Nina Rivers  


Use the pinch pot method to make your own cup and saucer.

27 Sept 

Make your own Stamp for Clay


with Anna Gibson  


Design and make your own ‘Makers Mark’ stamp to be used on your pottery.

4 Oct        

Fabric Maché


with Dani Henke


Use fabric scraps and glue to make new creations.

11 Oct

The Colour of the Land


with Daisey Bingham  


Explore colour as an element of art and design through landscape painting.





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10:30am - 1:30pm Tutored Class

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10am - 5pm General Studio


11am - 4pm Women's Day (open to all people who identify as women)


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